AM.CH. Jorogz' Heart Breaker

AM.CH. Gazon's Sound Of Snowflakes

AM.CH.Persia's Sandrift

AM.CH. Sahiba Sudden Silver

IT/AM.CH. Gazon Say What You Mean

AM.CH. Seistan's From The Heart JC

Aust.CH. Calahorra Steel Wings

NZ.CH. Aviva Stage Whispers.

AM.CH. Mecca's Falstaff

AM.CH. Chubel's Madrona

AM.CH. Mecca's Falstaff

Jaffna's Rachel

AM.CH. Journey's Judgement Day

AM.CH.Shakira's The Rose

AM.CH. Shekinah Justice Prevails

AM.CH. Persia's Rustic Muffin

MULTI CH Boxadan Xercise Makes Master

DK CH Boxadan Uptown Girl 

MULTI CH Boxadan Xercise Makes Master 

AM/DK CH Stormhills Private Audition 

UK CH Karnak Tumeric of Jazar 

Dizzy Heights of Khamis

UK CH Soloman’s Seal from Karnak 

Khamis Poetry in Motion

AM CH Gazon’s Cheatin’ Heart

AM CH Persias Snow Pixie of Gazon

MULTI CH Sanallah’s Jerome 

Oui C’est Moi Del Settebello 

AM CH Trinity’s Backdraft Paladin 

Metewand Omeme 

Metewand Nebraska 

Metewand Zvereva 

AM.CH. Gazon's Cheatin' Heart

AM.CH. Persia's Snow Pixie Of Gazon

Aust.CH. Seistan's Heart T' Beat

Aust.Ch. Aviva Venezia

AM.CH. Chubel's Khan Khedive

AM.CH.Jorogz' Sweet Tart

Nashara's Journey To Sahiba

Sahiba's Ornaments Of Gold

AM/DK CH Boxadan Double Trouble 

Boxadan Catch Me If You Can

Khamis Zabardast JW

Khamis Silvery Moon

IT/AM CH Gazon Say What You Mean 

Miss Sissi Del Settebello

Metewand Dallas

Metewand Orapa

Gazon Say What You Mean.

AM.CH. Aviva Skyhi T'Seistan

AM.CH. Jorogz' Sweet Cheeks

Sahiba's Some Sweet Day

UK CH Boxadan Give me a Break at Benatone 

UK CH Khamis Bhi-Candlelight 

INT AM AUS IT F CH WW04 EUW03 Xenos Joselito 

Metewand Omai of Shadowfax

Seistan's Freedom Fighter

Sahiba's Remember Me.

Khamis Poetic Justice

Shadowfax Ciao Poppaea
to Javidan

Gazon What You See Is What You Get With Drishaun

Javidan Keep the Faith

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