Lianne's Story (Bitten by the bug)
It all started around 2000 when i was online and saw a stunning black & silver dog standing on a water fall with 2 other afghans,Turned out this was IR CH Jhansi Armani.
At the same time we had been offered a 10 month black & silver puppy from June Leitch (Khamis), i was still terrifed of black afghans from what happened with Cruise, but seeing Armani made me want one anyway. Unknown to us he was the same puppy we had been offered to us at 10wks old..think it was fate, He was to be called Arab AKA Khamis Powerful Image Via Javidan SHCM, he is my hearthound and everything to me. It wasnt till Arab was older i started showing him, i never really done well in the JHA but once i started showing him in the breed classes i caught the showing bug and have never looked back. Today I am in the ring with Arabs nephew and neice aka Valo & Kissi.
In 2003 we bought Indie AKA Shadowfax Ciao Poppaea To Javidan from Susan Rhodes (Shadowfax) who was meant to be bred to Arab but that wasnt meant to be, Indie has done everything we could have asked for in a brood bitch plus more. She has done Ok in the ring (gaining her studbook No) but due to an injury as a baby in her shoulder we havent shown her much. 2005 we bought Meera AKA Khamis Meerkat or Gobby as she is know as! who is the babies half sister from the sire's side.
2006 saw indie having her beautiful 9 babies from the stunning silver male Khamis Poetic Justice (arabs brother), We kept Kissi AKA Jaivdan Keep The Faith (who is my pride and joy in and out the ring :-) , Valo AKA Javidan Dirty Little Secret (is just like arab in so many ways! its scary..Arab has brains lol), Amy AKA Javidan I Am & little Dana AKA Javidan Have A Nice Day.
We are now into 2008 and Arab is retired, Kissi,Valo & Amy are all crufts qualifed 2009 and i still have the showing bug :-)..
Watch for more updates as we progress into 2008.

So far 2009 has been a great but sad year.
First of all Sadly we had to say goodbye to our special boy Arab 2months ago which was the hardest thing we have had to do.
Kissi & Valo have done us proud in the ring especially Kissi, winning her way out of post grad and a RCC! & Valo has been constantly placed his biggest win yet again at the yorkshire winning the biggest class of the day (post grad) (last year he won grad and was shortlisted to the final 4 for the cc)

Lianne x

My CV (available to judge 3 classes of afghan hounds at open shows)
Breed Seminars & Hands On
Breed Seminar & Hands on with Mark Cocoza 05/10/08

Judging Appointments
West Lothian CS Open Show 02/12/06 3 classes afghan hounds (25 /7abs)
West Lothian CS Open Show 02/12/06 2 JH classes (28/16 abs)

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