Javidan Art
A finished piece of Ella the spaniel done on A4 Watercolour
Reference image used of Ella (copyright to her owners, please do not use!)
My Art
Hello my name is Claire O'Donnell. I am a 22 year old girl currently living in Glasgow. I have been drawing since I was able to pick up a pencil. Over the past 10 or so years, I developed my own style and settled on Pencil as my prefered choice of media. I have worked with paints, pastels, chalks, pen and even digital media, but I've always went back to my pencils.
All reference photos are copyrighted to there respective owners, so please do not use these photos anywere else. I spend hours on these drawings so please do not use my art and claim it as your own.
Please excuse the blurryness of some of the art, the scanner did not pick all drawings up to well.

I do accept commissions from time to time,
But due to other commitments, I do not take them regularlly
All commissions are drawn on high quality paper, usually watercolour or pastel paper. I use Prismacolor pencils.

Canine and Feline Portrais are my Forte but I do Human and Abstract drawings to..

For any questions or to request a commission please email:

please title the email subject "javidan art"

Thank you!

Claire O'Donnell
Javidan Art

This is a double commission, both dogs are together on the paper, but i had to scan each head on its own due to the size. done on cartrige paper slightly oversized A3
Artwork shown, may appear grainy, this is due to scanning
This was a piece I decided to do of JJ (Xenos Joselito) I had always wanted to do a peice on JJ, being Indie's dad, i admire everything about him. Thanks to Roberto Bongiovanni (JJ's owner and breeder) for allowing me to use pictures of JJ to reference. Done of A3 watercolour, i am intending to do the same head study of him od Bristol Board, because of the brindle colour, bristol board (being a super-smooth paper) will give a better finish.

Full body portrait of Arab standing in a sunset field! Photo used as a reference below was taken and is copyright to Michael Trafford
Sybil the cat, my first large feline piece. The finished photo had to be scanned in two pieces, hence the slight difference in shades top to bottom. done on A3 Watercolour
This is a self commissioned piece being done of Gino and Kayla, so far only Gino has been attempted, this is being done on A3 Bristol Board
A head study of our own girl Kissi!! (see our dogs) A4 Watercolour paper.
An Afghan head study, A3 sized. Done in Purple, White and Black Chalk pastels, on
coloured (grey stone) card. Shaded in purple and white, and "shadowed" with black.

Black and Silver Brindle Afghan Hound. Done on A3 Watercolour. using coloured charcoal Completed in 2007
Commissioned Piece In Pencil on Watercolour Paper Completed September 08 , of Nubi
Shadowfax Ciao Sabbioso JW ScCM
(appologies about the blurring)

This is a "self commissioned" pencil drawing on sketching paper, of Solomon (Bondor Back With Avengence ShCM)  and Seven (Bichoux Back To The Future By Gothika)
This is a "self commissioned" pencil drawing on sketching paper, of Kissi
UK CH Javidan Keep The Faith
This was a Birthday Gift I done for my aunt Lynne in 2007 of her beloved "Harvey"
Pencil portrait of Madison the Azawakh - Completed 2012