West Lothian Canine Society (Open) *
Judge - Mrs E Margrain
Kissi 2nd in Special Yearling
Arab 1st in Open & Best of Breed
Group Judge - Mr B Margrain
Arab Hound Group 2

Clydebank & District (Open) *
Judge - Serena Parker
Kissi 1st in Graduate
Amy 3rd in Graduate
Arab 3rd in Open

LKA of Scotland  (Open) *
Afghan & Group Judge - Mr C Gillanders (Helmsdown)
Kissi  4th in Graduate
Arab 1st in Open & Best of Breed

Afghan Hound Club of Scotland (Championship) *
Judges Dogs - Avril Lancashire (Drishaun)
       Bitches - Monica Booth-Thomson
Louis 1st in Puppy Dog
Valo  2nd in Puppy Dog
Arab 2nd in Open Dog
Kissi  2nd in Puppy Bitch
Indie  3rd in Open Bitch

Scottish Kennel Club (Championship)
Judge - Frau W Schwerm-Hahne (Germany)
Arab 4th in Open Dog

Tayside,Lochee & District Canine Club (Open)
Judge - Mr M Virgo (Sumahari)
Kissi 1st in Afghan Junior
Judge - Mrs S Virgo (Sumahari)
Kissi  1st AV Hound Puppy & Best Puppy in Group
Arab 1st in AV Hound Veteran

Border Union Agricultural Society (Championship) *
JUDGE - Mrs Claire Hindley (Birkhall)
Valo  3rd in Puppy Dog
Kissi i 1st in Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy Bitch

Scottish Kennel Club (Championship)
JUDGE - Mrs G Morrison
Dana 5th in Minor Puppy Bitch

Hound Association of Scotland (Championship)
JUDGE - Ms M Rogers
Valo  4th in Minor Puppy Dog
Kissi  3rd in Minor Puppy Bitch

Afghan Hound Club of Scotland (Open)
JUDGE - Mrs Angela Skelton (Adnamashan)
Arab 1st in Open Dog

Caledonian Canine Society (Open) *
JUDGE - Mrs L McCrindle (Kazzlyn)
Arab 1st in Afghan Open Dog & Best Dog
Meera  4th in Afghan Hound Junior
News 2007
* Critique Available